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Advantages of Being an In-Facility Test Center


Advantages of Being an
In-Facility Test Center

If you offer NNAAP® certification training and coursework, we are committed to assisting you in hosting test events as an In-Facility Test Center (INF). This collaboration will facilitate your students in achieving certification and smoothly transitioning into their chosen career paths.

Eligibility & Responsibilities

In-Facility Test Centers are designated locations where both the NNAAP® written and skills exams are administered to students who have successfully completed a training program offered by the facility. It is essential for these sites to fully comprehend the expectations associated with being an In-Facility site. To gain a comprehensive understanding of these expectations, please refer to the Responsibilities document, which outlines the requirements for the testing day.

Hosting In-Facility testing is a privilege extended to state-approved Training Programs, allowing their students to complete the NNAAP® test at their training facility. To be eligible for this privilege, sites must hold a state license for delivering the training program.

To ensure that your facility meets the necessary requirements, please consult the Equipment List for Skills testing, which provides insights into site configuration and equipment prerequisites. It is imperative that the required equipment is supplied by the site, as this will be a critical factor in the final decision. If your facility can meet these requirements, kindly complete the online request application. Please be thorough in your responses, as any missing or incomplete information may lead to delays in the application process.

You will receive confirmation of the receipt of your application within 5 business days.

The evaluation of your application will be completed within 30-45 days from the date of receipt. The decision will be based on several factors that determine the approval of a Training Program as an NNAAP® In-Facility Test Center, and it will be made at the discretion of Credentia.

Upon successful approval as an In-Facility Test Center, Credentia will reach out to you to coordinate staff training and facilitate the process of requesting test dates through our online system.

We kindly request that you submit your application at least sixty (60) days prior to your preferred test date.

IMPORTANT: It is essential that test events align with your state's mandated minimum number of registered skills candidates and adhere to the state-specific lead time for scheduling, which may vary by state. Failure to meet these requirements may result in the cancellation of your event, based on your state's regulations."

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