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What information do we collect?

CNA 365 Platform collects certain Personal Identifiable Information (PII). When creating your account on CNA 365 Platform, you will provide your first and last name, email address, and phone number.

Any and all information collected is for the explicit purpose of testing. CNA 365 Platform staff, employees, or affiliated companies do not share or sell this information to third-party companies.

Why do we collect it?

We collect this information so that our Onboarding Agents and proctors can identify you and your eligibility to participate in an exam. The email address and phone number are required for support agents to contact you in the event you have a technical issue, fail to login for the scheduled exam, or contact you if there are any changes to the date, time, or exam availability.

How is my data stored?

All candidate information and digital recordings are saved as an encrypted token to provide the highest level of security for PII. If pre-registration is required by your exam sponsor, any pictures or information provided will be saved on a secure storage with no direct access to any individual (i.e., face scan and photo ID).

CNA 365 Platform is an ISO 27001 and 9001 certified company and is in compliance with the most up-to-date security standards.

How long is my data stored for?

Digital recordings are securely stored for a configurable default duration of six (6) months via encrypted storage. After six (6) months, the information is removed from the server. However, the expiration policy can be defined by your exam sponsor.

Does CNA 365 Platform install software on my device?

No. CNA 365 Platform is a web-based platform.

What is the identification process?

During the onboarding process, the agent will take a photo of your face, government issued photo ID, and perform a room scan to ensure you are the correct person testing and that your testing area is cleared of any prohibited people, materials, and devices.

Why do you need to access my webcam, microphone, and screenshare?

During your exam, CNA 365 Platform will be monitoring and recording the exam session through your webcam, microphone, and screenshare. This is required to maintain security for the exam content and exam process. If you are not comfortable with this process, you can address this with your exam sponsor.

Who will be proctoring my exam?

The person that will be proctoring you is an employee of CNA 365 Platform. All proctors must complete and graduate from our rigorous training camp. Those that do not pass are not hired for proctoring. All Onboarding Agents and Proctors are trained to provide customer support, technical support, and assist in navigating the exam process. You will see the camera stream of the Onboarding Agent, but you will not see the camera stream of the proctor. They will be able to speak with you via chat or verbal communication through the computer speakers and microphone.

What if I need technical support before or during my exam?

If you are facing technical issues before your scheduled exam, you can connect with our Tech Support staff via the chat box located on our homepage at CNA 365 Platform. The Tech Agent will request permission to access your computer through a remote desktop so that they can diagnose the issue quickly. You will be able to see what they are doing, chat with them, and the whole session will be recorded for security purposes. If you deny access, the agent will talk you through the process over the phone or chat.

If you are facing issues during your exam, Onboarding Agent or proctor will direct you to the chat support to work with a tech agent to resolve your issues.

Note: We do not offer our services or work with any countries that are under US sanctions.